Coke Building – Preston Avenue Charlottesville, VA

Photo Jul 24, 11 33 37 AM

Schnitzhofer & Associates recently completed the structural reinforcement program for the Historic Coca-Cola Facility on Preston Avenue. Among the addition of a beautiful new outdoor space, our analysis included the restoration and reinforcement of damaged concrete stringers and girders, evaluation of in-place historic "open-web" steel bar joists, repair and reinforcement of damaged steel … [Read more...]

Overdelivering? A Myth or A Must?

Over Deliver

Over Delivering: A Myth or A Must? I couldn't agree more with Mr. Alan MacDougall, who writes  for the "Revenue Builder Blog" - A marketing advice blog for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He says, "We all know that it's much better to sell to existing customers than it is to go out and find new ones. The reasons for this are that it's less expensive, less time consuming and more profitable … [Read more...]